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Custom Software Development

In any dynamic business scenario, there is always a need to align business strategies and execution processes in order to grow fast. To overcome such challenges, automation in business processes is mandatory. Since each business has its own strategy for growth across the border, Bespoke Software Development play a major role in making the right decision at the right time.

At Proact, we understand the importance of enterprise software solutions and provide reliable and scalable custom software development services, within the limits of scope, time and cost – the three most important elements for any successful business.

Web Designing

Businesses who are endeavouring reliable web design and development service provider for building an innovative website to engage with customers, web portal to help in organizing their employees' workflows or an enterprise-class web application to automate processes, often turn to PROACT as a preeminent website development agency for 20+ years and a vetted team of application developers.

With well-established experience across the full software development lifecycle and completing 1000+ projects, we serve as a full stack vendor offering end-to-end web development projects for fortified market leaders and emerging businesses with technology at their core.

Networking & Security

Proact designs & develops automated systems for massive scale data analytics. Leveraging advanced Big Data Solutions, we convert complex, large scale, disparate data sets into predictive reports and visualizations.We ensure efficient read-write in-memory solutions by quickly processing relational and non-relational databases. To get the nerve of the market, we offer social media sentiment analysis so that business can convert leads into customers.

Mobile Application

PROACT, a leading mobile app development services provider, has started building native and hybrid applications for global clients from the time Google launched the open source OS. Focusing and understanding client requirements, we deliver top-notch Android Mobile Applications as per the market standards. We have expert developers with an agile methodology that are pro at developing Marshmallow, Android L and Nougat for enterprise-level mobile apps.

We furnish a high-end iOS mobile application for distinct domains that automate the business and secure top-notch service to the end-users. The app store empowers iPhone users to browse and download applications that are developed with Apple's iOS SDK, leveraging diverse features of iOS to build functional, and techno-savvy apps.

Digital Marketing

Live & do business where the entire world lives

The population and presence of users in the digital world have overtaken everything that has ever preceded it. To be able to survive and make a mark there, PROACT’s competence in digital marketing changes the face of businesses altogether. Together, let’s create, publish & amplify the digital presence of brands..

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Data Migration

Why is a need for Software Migration?

In the world of technology, innovation is a continuous process. New innovations quickly replace old technologies, rendering them obsolete. Therefore, it is essential to upgrade your business software applications at regular intervals if you are to avoid losing valuable business.

Migration is the process of moving from one operating environment to another improved one. For example, moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 is a type of migration that allows you to exploit the benefits and new features of an upgraded system. Moreover, it ensures that current applications continue to work flawlessly in the new environment.

Re-engineering is a technique to rebuild legacy applications in a new technology or platform, with the same or enhanced functionality. This is usually done by adopting Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the most efficient and agile way of transforming legacy applications.

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